Saturday, 8 April 2017

The 1/2s have had an amazing first term. We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and look forward to continuing our learning journey on Wednesday 26 April.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

In the Crayon Box we have been busy getting smarter and the term has flown by.

Reader's Workshop: RevisionThis week we will be revising the strategies taught so far this term - reading to self, building our stamina, asking questions, making predictions and decoding strategies.

Work on WritingInformation Reports! We will be publishing our information reports. We will also compare Information Reports with Letters and Narratives.

Mighty Maths - Monday, Wednesday
Year 1 – Problem Solving
Year 2 – Addition

Maths Extra - Thursday, Friday  - Maths Games

Science Inquiry: In our Inquiry we will create an annotated diagram to explain how light and sound travel from the source to our eyes and ears.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Good Vibrations

In our Science Inquiry lessons on 'Look, Listen' students have been discovering how sound travels. We explored making sounds by holding our throat and speaking, talking into a balloon and strumming a guitar while touching the strings. We discovered that we can hear sounds because of vibrations that travel to our ears.

Can you think of other objects where we can feel sound vibrations?

Sunday, 26 March 2017

What's Happening in Week 9?

Reader's Workshop: Asking QuestionsThis week we will be asking questions before, during and after reading. We will also look at the difference between a thin and a thick question. 

Work on WritingInformation Reports! After collecting our facts last week we will use them to write an information report. 

Mighty Maths - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Year 1 – Skip counting and recording numbers on a number line
Year 2 – Skip counting

Maths Extra - Thursday, Friday  
Patterns - This week we continue to explore how to make patterns using our bodies, shapes, music, paper and colours.

Science Inquiry: In our Inquiry we will explore how sound travels to our ears by conducting some exciting experiments. 

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Science: Look, Listen!

The Crayon Box is getting scientific! We have begun our Science Inquiry with a bang...literally. We are exploring sounds and light.

This week The Waxy Scientists closed our eyes and focused our ears of the sounds we could hear in the classroom (the air conditioner whirling and computer humming), on the oval (cars zooming, birds chirping and trees swishing) and in the front office (phones ringing and people chatting).

Listen to this video and describe two sounds you can hear.

How about in this piece of music? Name two instruments you can hear being played.

Listen now. What are two sounds you can hear in the room you are in? What are making those sounds? Please add your answers in the comment box.

Monday, 20 March 2017

What's Happening in Week 8?

1-6 Progress Meetings - The teachers are looking forward to catching up with loved ones this week. Have you booked in for your meeting yet?

Reader's Workshop: Decoding Strategies- This week we will review the strategies we use to work out unknown words in the books we read. Please ask us to explain the strategies we are using when we are reading our home readers.

Work on Writing: Collecting Information! This week we be using the chrome books to collect information about animals. We will be recording key words. 

Mighty Maths - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Year 1 Reading, writing and ordering numbers
Year 2 – Skip counting
Maths Extra - Thursday, Friday  
Patterns - This week we create and continue repeating patterns.

Science Inquiry: This week we will be finding sources of sound and light in the school. We will create annotated diagrams to show our knowledge. 

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Writing: Bossy Verbs!

In writing, the Crayon Box have been learning about nouns (a name given to a person, place or thing) and verbs (a doing or action word). Yesterday, we learnt about bossy verbs!

Here is Emma and Honor explaining what a bossy verb is.

We then put our bossy verbs into sentences during a Quick Write. Our sentences needed to tell our partner what to do.

Can you think of any other bossy verbs we can add to our anchor charts in the classroom?